We understand that your brand is competing with all the brilliant non-branded contents out there. And thats why having a beautifully crafted content at faster, better, and more effective way helps your business staying ahead of the flock. Whether it’s short or long, and small or big, we’re able to cover everything from concept to creation. 


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Colour Grading

Taste a cracker with your ears?!


People are most prone to snacking in the evening, especially as they consume their media environment. Korea's top night time content recently was ASMR, but all the pre-roll ads were loud and distracting. So we placed this creative idea designed to stimulate the senses through innovative audio technology in late hours and made everyone hungry... 


Turn it up side down!


South Korea was last semi-finalists in 2002 but haven’t since competed well internationally. The underlying message was that even though our opponent will be very hard to beat, we won’t know until we try - Let´s Turn Everything Upside Down.


A walk inside the mind room of K-pop idol Krystal


Despite Korea being one of the fastest and constantly evolving cultures in the world, the traditional Confucianism values still remain and expect women to be modest, humble, and not to be different. Instead of talking about another circle lens we wanted to throw a bold message to people - the confidence.  We encouraged Korean women to do more what they love, challenge doubtful eyes of the others, and to walk their own way with confidence.


Bausch + Lomb x Kim Hyunjung


When we were asked to film a short interview content with Basuch + Lomb's influencer, a contemporary Korean artist Kim Hyungjung, this is what we delivered.


Give without expecting anything back


An inspiring real story of a young Thai child and a professional American trainer, united in their passion for swimming by a chance encountered on Social Media. Two worlds coming together through selflessness and enthusiasm. A testament to the fact that when we give without expecting anything in return, the most incredible things can happen. 


The client ended up building an additional factory


The Perfect Match campaign which was developed locally had helped breaking the sales record of Oreo ever since it launched in South Korea. And the brand enjoyed a double digit sales growth for two consecutive years. As the matter of fact, the client built additional factory and expanded their production in 2016-2017.


Multiple flavours, Multiple ads

Various online ads were produced for multiple range of Oreo cookies.
4 ads were shot in one day across 4 locations.

Super Star - Amnesia


The only chocolate wafer that can fulfil our consumers’ desire for a snacking chocolate experience thanks to the ew triple chocolate recipe. Uncompromising for taste, updated with current teen life, imaginative, fun, & adventurous. Upon completing the assignment, the happy client has chosen us to become the preferred production house.


Beng Beng - Share It


How do we introduce the new ´Share It´ package that consists of 10 small packs to teens, while keeping the fun, young, rebellious, & bit of a silly brand character? With a sneaky kiss of Amanda Manopo & Rizky Billar!


We created these five films in one day on a same location, to talk about the possible healthy breakfast recipes you can enjoy with Kellogg´s.


Perfect Shot, Perfect View


What can we deliver in less than 2 weeks from the briefing to shoot?
 One location, three different set-ups, and a celebrity Bambam, & here's what we've done.